Experience Best Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Products Available on Internet!
Experience Best Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Products Available on Internet!
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Himalayan Salt Slab for Barbecue/BBQ /Steak Grill
Himalayan Salt Slab for Barbecue/BBQ /Steak Grill

Himalayan Natural Salt Slab For Cooking/BBQ Steak Grill Salt Brick 6x4x2 in.

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The Himalayan pink salt block is catching on and for good reason. Not only do these colorful prehistoric crystals make healthier, tastier and more interesting meals, they’re also just darn pretty to look at! A precious mineral mined from hills in Pakistan's Punjab province has arrived on the cooking scene as an exciting and enticing new form of cooking.

Product Details

  • Adds Healthy Minerals To Food.
  • More Complex Taste Than Table Salt.
  • A Hint of Salt, Not A Lot.
  • Naturally Anti-Microbial Surface.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance.
  • Superior Heat Distribution.
  • Holds Temperature Longer Use Heated or Chilled.
  • Food Cures Through Contact.
  • Himalayan Salt Slab for Barbecue / BBQ / Steak Grill.
  • Grill like professional chef! You control exactly how the steak, seafood & vegetables is cooked to enjoy a healthy, tasty & flavorful meal.
  • Simply put the stone on a stove top or grill rack, ready to cook a perfect meal when it's sizzling hot.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain, simply wash with water after stone drops down to room temperature, wipe out water and let it air dry.
  • One premium quality Himalayan salt slab, grill with special flavor.
  • 100% Pure Himalayan Salt block Imparts Naturally Rich Salty SUCCULENT Flavor to food.


Salt blocks may contain small amounts of water or moisture. If this is the case the block may explode when exposed to high temperatures. Please make sure to follow all safety instructions provided by the manufacturer when using Himalayan salt blocks.

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